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Release on 25th October 2006.
2940itax incl.j@
Serial numberTRCD-004 (or TRCDB-4)

Released and sold from TRIUMPH RECORDS
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TITLE F@w Warningx
No FTRCD-004
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@ 1. The last warning
2. Burning blood
3. It's too late
4. Don't forget
5. Promise
6. Gate
7. Foolish dancer
8. Devil
9. Voice

Total 10 songs

uf`hmv-second edition-
The production of the album GAIN, which had been ceased, has been resumed in the whole country!
The first shipment includes recording of gyKTXz(Pegasus Gensou, cover version of gMAKE-UPh)h
performed in Mexico.

The first shipment is already sold out

Serial numberTRCD-002(orTRCDB-2)

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Some corrections have been made but no modifications made as regards the content of the compositions.
The relaunch version of GAIN is indicated with the inscription gsecond editionh under the album title.


TITLE F@w GAIN x-second edition-
No FTRCD-002
Please click the mark in front of the titles to listen to the audition.

1. Dark inside heart
2. Return
3. Dream traveler
4. Voyage
5. Sweet little honey
6. Lay down
7. Lena
8. Labyrinth
9. Flame

Toshiyuki Koike (Double Dealer, Concerto Moon) appears as guest key border with 2 songs!